European VAT Check Service   European VAT Check Service 3.4.1

Connection to European Community VIES web-service (VAT Information Exchange System) to check if an operator VAT number is valid.


Allows you to verify hundreds of VAT identification numbers issued by an European Member State. The verification is done against the national VAT database corresponding to the selected Member State.

There is no VAT database at European Community level. In order to verify VAT numbers, your request is sent to the national database via a secure Intranet service connecting national Customs and Taxation administrations and the reply is sent back in a few seconds.

European VAT Check Service is useful for companies having to verify the VAT Numbers of many customers and/or suppliers, for example before billing. Unlike verification available on websites, European VAT Check Service allows:
  For a proper and legal use of the VIES service refer to VIES disclaimer

When You click on the "Verify" button get the following possible answers: In the case of a valid VAT number, if the name and/or address are missing, this means that the Member State that issued the VAT number does not allow to disclose this information. If you put your own VAT identification number in the box requester's VAT identification number, the reply will contain a unique consultation number.

  System Requirements
You can install this application on Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Seven, 32/64bit systems. The only system requirement is presence of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 EXTENDED/FULL (or later). You can download .Net Framework from Microsoft sites.

Operational requirement is an Internet connection. If your Internet connection uses a proxy, you have to enter authentication parameters to allow conversation between software and VIES web-service.

  How to acquire a list of VAT numbers from external data sources
Click on Config button and open options and parameters window:

  Import from FILE
With this option you can enter a file name or leave cell blank.
File format is very simple: one VAT number each record.
Record separator must be a new-line (CR+LF)
After each VAT number you can append a space and a reference (for example, you customer name).

File example:
IT03195880046 West Consulting
PT504821113 Portuguese customer
DE213272873 German customer
GB277701833 English customer

NOTE: It is not possible to directly import an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx) , however, since release 3.3.1 you can import from file .prn .txt (unicode/ms-dos/TAB delimited ...) obtained with the Excel function "Save As ..." .

  Import from DATABASE
You can use any database for which an OLE-DB connection string is available. When you choose a database type, a window opens and you have to enter right values for your database.

After connection string, you have to write one or more SQL queries in order to read VAT Numbers from your database. A query must returns a single field, one VAT Number each row. VAT Numbers can be followed by space and reference text (name of your customer, for example).

  Export to FILE
You can print and/or export results to file using "Print" or "Export to file" buttons on main window, many file formats are available.

  Demo version - activation code
You can freely  download this software and install it as demo version. With demo version you can verify only three VAT Numbers at once, but you have no limits in order to import from external data sources.

To use this software without limits you need an ACTIVATION CODE. You can buy and pay it by  PayPal at price 45,00 EUR (with VAT EXEMPTION if outside of Italy)

The activation code is valid for a single PC and based on the setup code generated from application first time it runs. A link on " About ... " window opens the payment page managed by  PayPal site. Connection is absolutely secure and protected from fraud. You can pay with credit card even if you have not a PayPal account.

After payment process completed, within minutes you will receive an email from PayPal as transaction confirmation and a second email from us containing your activation code. After payment confirmation we'll send you the receipted invoice.

Please write to if withing 48 hours activation code is not in your mail-box.

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